Best VPN For Kodi: TunnelBear Review

TunnelBear is a quirky Canadian VPN service that may be a good choice if you are just looking for something reasonably priced and extremely user-friendly.

This company clearly prides itself on it’s colorful, intuitive layout that virtually anyone should be able to figure out right away. It makes good use of their cute bear mascot, which is clearly meant to make new users feel welcome and taken care of.

In our opinion, TunnelBear takes the cake for best user client, hands down. It also has an extremely comprehensive and easy-to-understand privacy policy that other VPN services could certainly take a cue from.

TunnelBear uses the industry standard OpenVPN protocol, which is more than adequate for most users.

TunnelBear does have a few downsides that may steer more particular customers away. It operates 1,000 servers in 22 countries, which is a bit lackluster, especially considering it ignores entire world regions (zero African servers, for example). It also lacks many advanced features that other VPNs provide, such as dedicated servers for specific uses.

TunnelBear did not perform particularly well in speed tests.

However, it is clear that the main focus of this service is end-user experience, and on that account it passes with flying colors. The majority of new VPN users will care more about this than the advanced bells and whistles at the end of the day, especially for such a reasonable price.

Highly recommended for the casual consumer.