Best VPN For Kodi: PureVPN Review

Founded in 2006, Hong Kong-based service Pure VPN is one of the oldest and most established services on the market.

It counts 750 server locations in over 140 countries, although some of the servers are virtual (i.e. not physically in the country their IP address shows).

The interface is extremely easy to use, and there are a ton of features, especially for such a relatively cheap price.

PureVPN does have some issues, however. The privacy policy is ambiguous, and they have been known to hand over logs to law enforcement, despite claims that they do not keep logs.

Some users have claimed that their information has been leaked by poor security protocols as well. The company has since apologized and updated their policies, but this may be worth considering.

We also noted some pretty wide variations in speed, from respectably fast to painfully slow, and some frustrating connectivity issues to boot.

All in all, we feel that if you can overlook PureVPN’s prior privacy transgressions, it could be an okay choice for the price.