How to Unhide the Appstore on an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2023)

One of the best new features brought on by the Fire TV’s newest interface update is the ability to hide apps. This allows you to clean up your app list without needing to uninstall apps, which is especially handy when combined with user profiles, since each profile can have different apps shown. Unhiding an app is as easy as going to the “Installed on this TV” section of the Fire TV’s Appstore app and selecting the “Show on Your Apps” menu option for the app you want to make visible. However, as one Reddit user unfortunately learned, how do you unhide the Appstore app if you selected to hide it, since it is the only app that does not appear in your list of apps “Installed on this TV?” Thankfully, the solution is pretty easy.

The simplest way to unhide the Appstore app is to unhide all apps. This is done by clearing the data of the Appstore app itself. Unfortunately, doing so will also reset the custom app order that you have set, so you will need to rearrange your apps afterward.

To clear the Appstore app data, which will unhide the Appstore app and all other installed apps, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Appstore and select the “Clear Data” option. Once you select it, you will be on a confirmation screen where you’ll need to select “Clear Data” once again.

After clearing the Appstore app’s data, the Appstore app icon and all of your other installed apps should once again be listed on your Fire TV’s “My Apps” screen. The icons of your apps might be missing or shrunken immediately after clearing the Appstore app data, but this will self-correct itself within a few minutes.