How To Install Netstream Sports Hub On Fire Stick and Fire TV with Video Guide

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install Netstream Sports Hub Kodi addon to watch MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL on your Firestick and Fire TV.

About Netstream Sports Hub

Netstream Sports Hub is one of the better add-ons for watching sports on Kodi in 2020.

It was recently updated to include more content. It is fast and has a minimum of dead links.

Netstream Sports Hub contains many different categories, including football, cricket, boxing, basketball, and more.

You are sure to find a reliable stream for whatever sporting event you are looking for with this addon. Highly recommended.

Netstream Sports Hub Features

  • Searches Reddit for sports streams and presents them for playing in Kodi
  • A lot of American Content
  • You can watch live events and replays of previous games and matches

What does Netstream Sports Hub do?

As the name implies, NetStreams Sports Hub is Kodi sports add-on. It offers a lot of content including Cricket, Basketball, Rugby NFL, Football and much more.

It comes from the Stream Army Repository and has live sporting events as well. NetStreams Sports Hub is all about sports entertainment with recent updates.

Preparing to install Netstream Sports Hub Kodi addon

Installing Netstream Sports Hub on Firestick or FireTV is a three-part process. In this guide, we will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Installing the Downloader app and allowing third party apps.
  2. Downloading and installing Kodi
  3. Downloading and installing the Netstream Sports Hub Kodi addon

If you already installed Kodi you can skip ahead to Part 3.

Part 1: How To Install Downloader and Allow third-party apps.

  1. Go to FireStick home screen <strong>Find</strong> > <strong>Search</strong> and press enter

  2. In the search window, type "Downloader". It should be the first result. Press down on your remote to select it.

  3. Install Downloader

  4. Go back to the home screen. In the menu bar at the top, navigate all the way until you get to the <strong>Settings screen</strong>.<br><br>Scroll down to My Fire TV and Select it.

  5. On the following window click <strong>Developer Options</strong>.

  6. Select ADB Debugging and turn it on, then select Apps from unknown Sources and turn it on.

  7. On some newer devices, you might be presented with this screen:

    If so, select Downloader and turn it on.

  8. <strong>Your FireStick is now ready to install and use third-party apps!</strong>

Part 2: How to Install Kodi

Follow these easy steps to download Kodi on Firestick and Fire TV

  1. Open "Downloader"

    You can do this using voice search by holding down the voice button and saying “downloader”.If you don’t want to use voice search, navigate to “Find” located in the left-middle of the screen and select it. Type in “Downloader”. It should be the first result. Select it to open Downloader.

  2. Download the latest stable version of Kodi

    Where it says Enter a URL or Search Term type “35625” and select “Go” You will be redirected to the latest version of Kodi automatically.

  3. Use the control pad to find and select the right version of Kodi

    Once the page has loaded, use the down button on your remote control to place the red circle on top of “ARMV7A (32BIT)” and select it.

  4. Install the downloaded file

    Once the file has completed downloading, select Install. Once finished, Kodi will open immediately.

  5. App has been installed. Select "Done"

  6. Select "Delete" to delete the installer file.

  7. Now we will make a shortcut to Kodi.

    Go back to the home screen and, scroll over to Apps and select it.

  8. Scroll down to find the Kodi Icon

  9. Press the options button.

    You will be presented with a menu on the right hand side of the screen. Select “MOVE”

  10. Use the UP button to place Kodi in your quick access list, then hit enter to save these changes.

  11. Select the home button.

    Kodi now appears at the top of the screen.

  12. You can now Open Kodi

  13. Hit Continue to allow Kodi to access media on your device.<br>

    This gives Kodi allows Kodi to find media files to play on your device.*Note: Kodi cannot see or transmit any of your personal information or any of your Amazon FireTV data.

  14. Congratulations, you've installed Kodi

Learn more about Kodi for Firestick and Fire TV

Part 3: Install Netstream Sports Hub Kodi addon on Firestick and Fire TV

  1. Open the Kodi <strong>Home Screen</strong> and click on the System icon.

  2. Select the <strong>File Manager</strong> Option.

  3. Click on <strong>Add source</strong> option from the list that appears.

  4. A box will appear. Click on <strong><None></strong>.

  5. Type URL in the box – and click on <strong>OK</strong>.

  6. You will be asked to <strong>name the file</strong>. Name it <strong>Sports</strong>

  7. Return to the Main menu and select the <strong>Add-ons</strong> option.

  8. Click on the small <strong>box icon</strong> at the top left corner of the screen.

  9. Click on <strong>install from zip file</strong>.

  10. Select the name <strong>Sports</strong> that you gave to the file.

  11. Click on <strong></strong>.

  12. Wait for a <strong>notification</strong> at the top right of the screen.

  13. Select the <strong>install from repository</strong> option.

  14. Click on <strong>Stream Army Repo</strong>.

  15. Now go to the <strong>Video Add-ons</strong> option.

  16. Find <strong>NetStreams SportsHub</strong> and click on it.

  17. Click on <strong>Install</strong>.

  18. Wait for the <strong>Addon-installed Notification</strong> at the top right.

  19. The NetStreams SportsHub has been <strong>successfully added</strong> to your device.

The Sports Hub add-on provides an excellent collection of sports streams. This add-on searches Reddit for such streams and presents them in Kodi. It contains a lot of American sports arranged in categories including baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. You can watch live events and also replays of previous ones.

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