Best VPN For Kodi: Golden Frog VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a solid VPN choice with few drawbacks. This Swiss service operates about 700 servers, which is a little on the low end compared to others, but they do offer a great spread of about 70 countries.

It gives customers a basic and premium package to choose from, with the premium offering more connections per account and the use of their proprietary “Chameleon Protocol”.

The Chameleon Protocol supposedly gets around any server using a VPN blocker (such as Netflix).

It has a transparent privacy policy that does include logging some very basic information that they store for 30 days. This probably wont deter the average consumer, but for those who are super vigilant about their privacy, this could be a turn-off. The connection speeds that VyprVPN offers are about average.

The main con with this service is the fact that you can only connect three users or devices simultaneously on it’s basic plan. Even for it’s relatively cheap price, that’s kind of a bummer, as most similar options provide five.

We also found that we could only choose the countries we wanted to route our connection through, not the specific server.

Still, that would be something that won’t bother most users.