A Quick Guide to Solving Common Fire TV Stick Problems

A Quick Guide to Solving Common Fire TV Stick Problems

When planning to install a Fire TV Stick, Amazon is one of the most popular options you would want to pick from. Built on the Android platform, the device can quickly transform any regular TV into a smart TV. Although the Fire TV stick gives you excellent performance, the Amazon TV stick sometimes turns unfunctional.

To enable you to use your Fire TV Stick smoothly, here are some common problems you can experience and the methods to resolve them.

Consistent App Crashes or Loading Issues

To binge-watch your favorite web series, you need to download streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney Hotstar, YouTube, Roku, and Kodi, to name a few. The number of apps you can download on the device depends on the available gigabytes of space you have. For an uninterrupted entertainment experience, delete apps you don’t watch anymore.

If you discover any app displays errors and crashes eventually, ensure you are running the latest version. Check for updates and install them immediately to prevent any severe issues. You may also block content that you feel is inappropriate. If you know how to block a website on Chrome, you can easily block a channel on Fire TV Stick, as the process is quite self-defined.

Can’t Screen Mirror on Fire TV Devices

If you face difficulty screen mirroring on your Fire TV device, ensure that the Fire TV and the device are compatible. Also, ensure that the device supports the screen mirror option, as many older models won’t help the same. For example, screen mirroring is not supported on Android 4.2 and older versions.

Hold the Home button on the Fire TV remote to check if your Fire TV Stick can screen the mirror. If the mirroring button appears, your device is compatible. If you can’t find the mirroring option, connect the Fire TV and the device to the same WiFi internet connection, and then try to move the device 10m away from each other and check if the option appears.

Difficulty Pairing Fire TV Remote

Are you still having difficulty pairing your remote after tweaking the menu settings? Bring the remote closer to the Fire TV device (approximately in 3m proximity). Unplug the device from the power adapter, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back. Alternatively, use the app to pair the remote, but make sure to download the app from a legitimate source only.

Your Fire TV device has multiple controllers so that you can connect more than one remote to the device. If you are trying to pair an additional remote, ensure that at least one controller is free. To fix the issue, go to Settings, click Controllers & BlueTooth devices, and then tap Amazon Fire TV remotes. To pair the remote, press the Home button for 10 seconds.

Problem Connecting Fire TV Stick to WiFi

You cannot stream videos or shows without connecting to WiFi. Plus, your internet connection has to be reliable. Sometimes, you connect to the WiFi, but the connectivity fails, and you see the “Home is Currently Unavailable” error. If that happens, check your WiFi and restart your Fire TV device.

Check the network status on the device by navigating to Settings and then Network. Now locate your network name and tap the Play/Pause option. If your network name doesn’t appear in the list, turn your WiFi On if it is turned Off mistakenly. Now check if you can connect your Fire TV device to the internet to watch content.

Logo Stuck on TV Screen

Nothing seems more annoying than the Fire TV logo that is not going anywhere any sooner. Learning a few workaround methods will help you eliminate the problem quickly, and you can continue with your entertainment. Sometimes, restarting the TV is the quickest way to fix logo-related issues or other startup problems.

Now, plug the Fire TV using the adapter that you have got inside the packaging. Wait for 25 minutes or wait for the screen to change automatically. This method may take time, but fix the problem at hand. Plug the Fire TV Stick directly into the TV to avoid internet or human interruptions. Also, check and confirm that the TV you are using is HDCP-compliant.

Can’t Update Fire TV Device

Like any other digital device, your Fire TV Stick needs regular updates. Ensure to update the machine when the latest software version is available. To update your device, you would need reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity. Resetting your modem and router devices can help resume the connection.

Before updating the device, ensure enough space is available to accommodate the latest version. Usually, a new software update requires at least 500 megabytes of space to install correctly. Also, avoid pressing any button on the remote when the update is in process, or else you may face update-related errors.

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