Best VPN For Kodi: Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a great VPN service for someone looking for something a bit more affordable. It’s just about the cheapest option out there, but still has a respectable amount of functionality.

This service uses the industry-standard OpenVPN encryption protocol to route your data through 3,275 servers in almost 30 countries, giving the you an impressive amount of security and flexibility. They also offer relatively fast connection speeds.

The fact that they offer this for half the price of some other popular services, makes PIA one of the best bang-for-buck deals out there.

PIA does have some drawbacks. Although it maintains a strict no-logging policy, it is an American-based company. As you are probably aware, it is an open question as to how much access US authorities may have to private data, even with supposed privacy policies. How comfortable you are with this is for you to decide.

The interface for PIA is also extremely simple and stripped down. New users may appreciate this fact, but PIA may prove too bare-bones for someone who would like more features and options for their VPN connection.

Also, according to many customers, tech support can supposedly be difficult to reach and unresponsive.

Overall, PIA is a great value for novice users (it’s hard to argue with subscription under $3), although more particular VPN consumers may prefer to shell out a little more for something with more features and options.