Best VPN For Kodi: Hide My Ass Review

The irreverently-named Hide My Ass is a popular VPN service with what is probably the broadest range of servers of any company out there.

Based in England, it operates over 800 servers out of an impressive 220+ countries. This means that no matter where you are on earth, you probably aren’t that far from one of it server locations (although some may be virtual).

If you require a breadth of IP locations, or are in a remote corner of the globe that other VPNs don’t cover, Hide My Ass may be your best bet.

It also features fairly quick download/upload times compared to other services, provides solid encryption protocols, and allows torrenting.

Hide My Ass does have some notable downsides, however.

Chiefly, it’s logging policy has left some users concerned about how safe their privacy really is. This company has been accused of handing over user IP data in the past, and apparently keep logs of user activity for up to three months, which is much longer than most VPNs.

This has given them a bit of a shaky reputation among privacy watchdogs, so keep that in mind if you are searching for an iron-clad security guarantee.

Hide My Ass has a stripped down user interface that my turn off more seasoned users. Also, their customer service has received some complaints. It also does not offer cheaper 2- or 3-year plans, which is disappointing (although they do have a free trial).

All in all, if you are willing to overlook some questionable logging policies, Hide My Ass is a solid choice if you are looking for robust, wide-ranging service all over the globe.

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Chauncey Rogers