How To Install Mobdro On Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube with Video Guide

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About Mobdro

Mobdro allow you to watch free live TV on your Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Android devices. While many free IPTV apps have faded into obscurity due to dead channels and unreliable streams, Mobdro has remained a strong option for those looking for alternatives to high cable bills.

What Does Mobdro Do?

Mobdro offers most channels that you would find in a premium cable package in the United States and Britain, and is adding more all the time.

The developers of Mobdro claim that none of the channel feeds originate from them. Instead, the app aggregates all feeds of particular channels through out the internet and serve up the one that is most reliable for you depending on connection speed, hardware, etc.

Mobdro doesn’t really have much reliable, quality on-demand programming, but if all you are looking for is live cable, it is a very appealing free choice.


Well, kind of. We did experience buffering issues on some channels, and most channels are served up in non-HD quality. This is fine for passive TV watching but can be kind of annoying when watching a sporting event or other live TV event.

You don’t want to have all your friends over to watch the big game, only to be embarrassed by a slow, laggy connection that ruins the action. That’s why we suggest shelling out $15 for Gears TV, a far more reliable app.



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While not technically free, Gears TV is an app with 500+ live TV channels. It includes league passes for live streaming every NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB games as well as all PPV events for only $15 a month.

In our experience, Gears TV was the app that felt the most like a real replacement for cable. It collects all of the popular channels and major sports in one place and provides reliable, high-quality streams for a fraction of the price. Reliable streaming in an easy to use app has quickly made Gears TV the number one choice for streamers, cord-cutters, and sports fans with Fire TVs. Mobdro is free, but its connections can be much shakier and less reliable.

Gears TV is much more reliable (and costs so little) we think it is well worth the investment. You can click here to sign up and see for yourself! Learn How To Install Gears TV for Fire Stick and Fire TV

Mobdro Features:

  • Massive streaming library
  • Completely free
  • Easy to download and use
  • Great interface

How To Install Mobdro on Fire Stick and Fire TV

  1. From the home screen of your Fire TV, go to the Search function

  2. Type “Downloader” in the search bar and select it

  3. The Downloader app should be the first option. Click it

  4. Click Download

  5. Open the Downloader app

  6. Type into search bar exactly as written and click Open

  7. Click Open

  8. Congrats, you now have access to Mobdro!

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, Mobdro is about the most reliable free cable alternative out there for Firestick and Fire TV.

Stick around for more tips on how to get the best out of your streaming device!

The perfect replacement for cable.

Watch all NFL, NBA, MLB, PPV and more.
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